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I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2000. I was not a great student because I had self-doubt issues, And perhaps, a bit lazy. During my 5 year college career I bounced from one major to the next. I finally ended up in SCAD’s Architecture program. Architecture School taught me how to evaluate the needs of human, natural, organic systems and integrate them into inorganic structural and mechanical systems. Architecture School also taught me how to learn.

I have always been interested in how people use, even misuse, places. How a building can frame interactions and cause certain types of behavior to occur. People behave differently in different places is more nuanced than one might think.

I graduated with a Master’s degree from SCAD in 2000. In 2001 I met my wife, we had 2 kids, began the task of child-rearing and all along I have been blessed with work. I have had many different types of jobs in or related to architecture, 2007-2008 was tough and so was 2019. After working in different capacities in different economic environments I have chosen to focus on edutainment and “leisure learning”. Yes, a market for edutainment is apparently thriving.

I prefer playing strategy games over random “role-the-dice” style games. I grew up on the southside of Atlanta playing football and basketball and I love making up plays and working together as a team to basically trick the other team and score. Who doesn’t love the Statue of Liberty play?

Miniature Golf can be a team sport. I have cooked up a way to combine Miniature Golf and Escape Room logic so that team members can help one another escape or free their golf balls, score points, and work a golf hole like a puzzle. I cannot describe too much more here because this is a Very competitive market and I must protect intellectual property.

Miniature Golf can get competitive too it can also play score keeping and a leaderboard, similar to what Top Golf is now doing at their driving ranges. This also, I cannot elaborate on because, Competition.

Much of Mini Golf or Miniature Golf is played indoors and the owners know that they need something new every year. This is where architecture comes in handy. Understanding the context of any golf course is critical to understanding space requirements, theming needs and (capital B) Budget.

Covid -19 changed the way we use buildings And mini golf play, I hope there’s opportunity ahead!

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I am designing ecologically friendly play-scapes and themed environments from Traverse City, Michigan.

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